Morning Hot Run before it got too hot!

Went and got a 2-mile morning hot run in before it got HOT HOT 🥵 🥵🥵
Came home and did some amazing yoga stretches which hurt so good on my hamstrings! Then jumped right into a standing abs circuit training.

The drip was real today folks! 💦💦💦

I am blessed to be partnering with the Make-A-Wish foundation seeing as how I was a Make-A-Wish recipient and this is a full-circle moment that should not be possible because of my health issues.

For Day 4 I am easing into distance running with an Easy 2 mile run. (easy runs are lower intensity and focus on distance and endurance over time and pace)

I Tracked this using the Strava App connected to my Apple Watch, but to be fair I have only used the Strava app a handful of times since first using it in 2021 but I like the platform and data it provides so I will be using it going forward. Because I have historically had issues with other apps on trails I will still likely use Alltrails, Nike Run App, and Apple Fitness as Backups so I can be as consistent as possible until I get into a consistent groove of finding what works


Second Fastest 2Miles- 31:31

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