Beast Mode Activated!

I felt it today as if a switch was turned on. I have reawakened the beast inside that has been my driving force when it gets tough, but this time I’m consciously listening to my body and its needs because in the past I have burned myself out.

I came home already dripping from my run only to have a circuit training session that set my shoulders on Fire 🔥🔥🔥

I am 5 days back into training and every day has been more rewarding than the last, damn I’ve missed this! 

I am blessed to be partnering with the Make-A-Wish foundation seeing as how I was a Make-A-Wish recipient and this is a full-circle moment that should not be possible because of my health issues.

I knocked out a 5K around the lake in 90 degrees and honestly felt like I could have made it a 10K but the pacing is really important with the training I have in front of me.

I Tracked this run using the Strava App connected to my Apple Watch, make sure to follow me on Strava to keep up with Realtime updates for my runs.


Second Fastest 5K- 57:07

Third Fastest 2 Mile- 31:49

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